Chiropractic Testimonials

"Dr. Stedman is the very best! I had major sciatic pain and other issues for months while I tried other methods of treatment. I finally started a treatment program with Dr. Stedman and started feeling better within weeks! What a great feeling to be totally out of pain and able to be active again!. I've since seen another chiropractor in another state and there is just no comparison. I can't wait to get back to Washington and the Chiropractors Clinic where I know I will get the best care!"

- D.V.

Chiropractic Silverdale WA The Chiropractors Clinic & Massage Therapy Center Patient Testimonial

Chiropractic Silverdale WA Patient Testimonial at The Chiropractors Clinic & Massage Therapy Center

Chiropractic Silverdale WA Patient Testimonial at The Chiropractors Clinic & Massage Therapy Center

Patient Testimonial at The Chiropractors Clinic & Massage Therapy Center

“Although I am not new to chiropractic care, I am new to Dr. Stedman. I want everyone to know that Dr. Stedman has made me feel 100% better in just a few visits. In fact, I feel better than I have in 10 years. It’s great not to have pain!”

 - C.P.

“Before I started treatment I had headaches daily that lasted all day and pain from head to lower back almost twenty four hours a day. I had neck pain and stiffness that made it uncomfortable to sleep well and move my head from side to side. Basically I hurt when I got up and I hurt when I went to bed and I didn't remember when I didn't hurt! After a few weeks of adjustments the pain is gone!“

 - C.T.

“My Co-workers are impressed that I am walking straighter. I am working for longer periods without taking sick leave. Chiropractic adjustments even help with your mood.”

 - J.T.

“Before: I wasn’t sleeping well; I was only sleeping 6 to 7 hours a night. I couldn’t pay attention in any of my classes; I would sleep through a good portion of them. I was eating whatever was fast and easy…I didn’t take any vitamins and I didn’t exercise. I found myself short tempered and not wanting to do anything. All I wanted to do was sleep and sit. I was always hungry; I just never took the time to eat a meal. I found myself weak and shaky. I think just about every inch of my body hurt.

Middle: Originally I just went into (The Chiropractors Clinic) to be adjusted and that is when Dr. Stedman and I started talking about my habits. We talked about food, exercise, and sleeping habits. He told me to try to eat protein with each meal, take vitamins morning and night, sleep 8-10 hours a night, walk 2 miles a day if possible, and get adjusted regularly. I had no idea what protein was. So for those of you that don’t know either, protein is yogurt, peanuts, salmon, chicken, turkey, cheese…etc.

After: I now make sure that in every meal that I eat, there is plenty of protein. I take two types of vitamins morning and night…I eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. I drink one cup of milk in the morning and the rest of the day I drink water. I sleep at least 8 hrs. a night which just means that I have to be in bed by 10PM. I get adjusted 3 times a week. I walk about 2 miles after each adjustment, and I try to walk on the off days. I feel absolutely 100% better! I will never go back to the way I was before. I love waking up now and getting my day started. I am in a great mood 99% of the time. I have the patience that I used to have. I have much more energy. I am awake and attentive in each and every one of my classes. I am improving at work. I feel a lot better about life itself. Another neat thing is even though I eat breakfast, lunch and dinner I have lost weight from eating more than when I was eating less (and) I gained. I feel so clean and healthy now, its amazing how strong and great that feels.”

 - C. Age 18

The Chiropractors Clinic and Massage Therapy Center uses a Spinal Decompression device called The DRX 9000™ which is referred to in the following testimonials.

“The relief from the pain is amazing…I will recommend this treatment to anyone with back problems. I would not have believed anything would work this fast, it is truly amazing how good I am feeling. “

 - J.S.

“My husband has received the DRX9000™ treatments and chiropractic adjustments…This has resulted in a relief of pain in his lower back and hip and also his upper neck. He no longer has to take pain pills every day. He feels better now and his blood pressure is down to normal. I would recommend these treatments to anyone who experiences pain due to herniated discs and a misalignment of their spine and hips.”.

 - Mrs. R.P.

“Nearly 5 months ago I woke up with pain that far exceeded my wildest imagination. Soon afterwards I found out that I have 3 herniated discs in my lower back, one of which is impacting a major nerve that runs down my left leg. After four and a half months of (another clinic’s) conventional chiropractic treatment I was steadily getting better, but I was still in significant pain and couldn’t help but wonder if there was more that could be done. Then I talked to Dr. Stedman and he told me about the DRX9000™…Two weeks later I am doing the best I have done in nearly 5 months…While I’m not yet done with my (DRX9000™) program, I now have hope that this situation can be handled.”

 - C.L.

“My 16 year old daughter Sophie was experiencing severe, chronic low back pain for over six months…We heard about the DRX9000™ and thought we’d give it a try and it worked! …We are now one and a half years past her last DRX9000™ treatment and Sophie is doing great.”

 - K.S.

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